Welcome to my personal blog. I use this place to explore new concepts and ideas and learn how to communicate them with clarity. Writing helps me escape the intellectual black hole of information consumption – Instead of relishing the dopamine kick I get from contemplating those grand articles I could write one day, it keeps me occupied with the obviously flawed ones I am actually producing now.

What content can you expect to find on here? As an artificial intelligence student I preoccupy myself, for the most part, with the quest of imbuing machines with the ability to think and act more like we humans do. I hypothesise that studying intelligence on an algorithmic level might help us to finally disentangle the principles behind the squishy existence proof of somewhat general intelligence quietly buzzing within our heads. (Oh… and 10x GDP).

If you have questions or find errors in one of my posts please reach out on Twitter or send an email to schmidinger.n AT gmail.com.